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Blogs are massively popular, judging by the number of tweets, SMSes and Facebook comments we received on Kfm Breakfast this morning.

Disco Pants and a Mountain, by Suzanne Heyden, is the blog that prompted the whole blogging discussion. Ryan loved the article on the day the life of a South African maid.

Ryan O'Connor asked for your favourite blogs. "Do you have one?" he asked. Let us know on our  Facebook page and we'll add it to our blogging hall of fame.

Here's the list so far:

2oceansvibe is one of Cape Town's most popular blogs.

afinoconsulting focuses on strategic consulting, business plan development, monitoring and evaluation. 

A Good Year lists great wines from the valleys surrounding our city, by Marian Thomas.

Juvies is an online comic blog with a number of great comic strips. 

Life Is Savage - news and lifestyle from the legendary Daddy. Home of the Good Times!

MyCityByLife - A fantastic blog about all events happening in the Cape

ReviewMe offers you a platform to report back on various services (at restaurants, holiday destinations, retail outlets and others). 

WhaleTales is a highly-rated "independent, informative, incisive" blog by Chris von Ulmenstein. 

Howzit Fish! - a blog about fishing!

Dream Golf Job - the best spot for golfing enthusiasts 

Kleine Zalze - for the wine enthusiast

Pretty Please!- a great read for anyone looking for to read about makeup and beauty

Yello Papaya- a blog about food styling and photography

acidicice - the musings of a wonderful woman's life, family and her passion for nail polish

ReviewMe - a site about all things arts and entertainment


CapeCook is all about local, rustic recipes. Think: boerewors and brandy pudding. 

CupcakeCouture explains how to dress up baked goods. It's a Facebook-based blog.  

Easy Cooking covers all things culinary, including lessons in Cape Town, from Nina's kitchen.

For the Love of Food 365 offers year-round coverage of culinary trends and mouth-watering photos to match.

The Gorgeous Gourmet contains jaw-dropping pics of amazing food. It also covers design and lifestyle.

Lavender and Lime is where Tandi Sinclair shares baking recipes to inspire you.

Life is a Zoo Biscuit by Anél Potgieter combines sumptuous photos and playful recipes. You just have to check out her Halloween cupcakes!

Pomegranate days is all about cooking one beautiful day at a time.

Betty Bake - a great blog about clean eating

Crafts, photography and décor

Little Wilds contains a range of cute felt and woolen designs, including mobiles for baby's cot. 

Oh Darling Days is a great resource for wedding planners and married-couples-to-be. 

Sharon's Kards Korner  covers card making, scrapbooking and other crafts. 

Stokperdtjie is Chani Coetzee's online scrapbook. She's a designer, photographer, illustrator and painter. 

Vivid Blue Photography includes a portfolio of work by Vivid Blue Man, Andre van Niekerk. 

Nicky Lipschitz Mosaic Art - for anyone into beauty and textures. 

Music and entertainment

jsomethingmusic  by MiCasa's lead singer João de Fonseca

Pretty Damn Epic (since 2009) by Conrad Schwellnuss who has been blogging about mainstream and indie music over the last four years. The Manifesto by Akim Jardine is a multimedia blog. Akim describes himself as a musician, stylist and special effects makeup artist.

Music4meez- a music blog by Shameez

Fashion trends

The Anti-Ageing Clinic  is for fashionistas keen on maintaining that youthful glow. It's a product-driven blog with tips on "tuning your inner and outer body so that you appear your best."

I Want That is a catalogue of the best local shops, brands and services. We love their lust haves list!

ShopaholicSA is a Facebook-based blog listing designs for sale by self-confessed shopaholic Tarynne Keown. 

bambilegs writes about fashion and pretty things. The author describes herself as a "crazy girl" who loves creating intriguing ensembles. 

Parenting and family

Becoming You is where blogger and mom Kathryn offers inspiration for the journey of discovering yourself. 

Cloete Capers covers everything from the birds and the bees, to family trees.

Crappy Pictures is the online space where one mama goes to vent. "Parenting is wonderful! And also, well, you know," she writes.

Daddy Chronicles is a light-hearted look at parenting from a young father's perspective. 

Dog Shaming - because dogs are part of the family too - and sometimes they deserve to outsted for bad behaviour. 

Playing House is a mom-approved blog with tips on raising kids creatively.

Scary Mommy is by New York Times best-selling author Jill Smokler. Around 5 million visit her site per month.

For the Love of Nail Art - everything you need to know about nails, and nail art

Personal lifestyle

A Little Bit of Lee is a mixed bag (a little bit of this, a little bit of that). Lee's a 20-something Capetonian newlywed.

Body Building covers training, diet and supplements. This one's for the fitness fanatics.

E coBoost is by an animal rights activist, veggie lover, planet worshiper and beginner photographer. 

JustUsBra is run by a young South African "with gigantic dreams!" Calvyn Justus is an 18-year-old matric from Durban. "Lekker bru!"

Jenna Lowe was diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension at 16-year-old. This blog raises awareness about the condition.

JaniAllen.com by the woman who was once the darling of the South African media. Jani Allen who now works as a waitress at a diner in the United States. 

Lohaanda's vlog includes videos on Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus and going on holiday.

Mark Fitzgibbon’s blog includes a post addressing "the horror of what people assume to be 'normal' regarding gay people."

NimCastle's blog opens with a beautiful Spanish poem. 

PrevReddyZA Vlog - Another Durban blog, this time, it’s a video blog from 17-year-old Prev Reddy.

Tequila Tart spends her days daydreaming, scheming and occasionally talking to herself. She also blogs.

The Running Commentary and no, it’s not about athletics. Mike writes about business, politics and just about anything else that prompts debate.

VW Beetle History is for motor heads who like vintage Volksies.

Lopville Living- a blog by two Capetonians about their life, travels and experiences in cape Town

SAHealthBlog - a blog that covers all things medical and health-related

Walking4Air - an amazing blog from Lara Hinrichsen about life, and finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis


NerdsSquared is a YouTube vlog by two South African guys "living life to the not-so-extreme."

Solutions Web – Le Blog looks at Open Source Software.


Hillary Fox combines breath-taking photography and travel in this pristine blog.  The Manifesto by Akim Jardine is a multimedia blog. Akim describes himself as a musician, stylist and special effects makeup artist.

Road Trip Ramblings is all about hitting the open road and getting to know the countryside better.

Fat Kid on a Bike- Read all about Ron Rutland's extraordinary adventure here!

Mariner Guesthouse blog - everything you need to know about Simon's Town

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