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A home away from home. Hermanus finds itself at the top of the ranks for its stupendous scenery, tourist secrets and clean fresh ocean air.

Described as 'heaven on earth' by many KFM listeners and locals alike, it is situated on the Southern coast of the Western Cape, along the Cape whale route. Many tourists from across the world make their way to this breathe taking city to allow their imaginations to become a reality. Dumbfounded by natures beautiful whale species and its magnificent insight about their habitat and enchanting offspring.

At the beginning of last month (May), these beautiful flubber like creatures have slowly made their way back to Hermanus to show off their importance to our enviromnent.

Adventure through the Hermanus wine routes and discover outstanding new tastes. Be prepared to be captivated by the beautiful Overberg and its surroundings.

We are huge fans of this incredible city, and always manage to find our way back to to explore more of what Hermanus has to offer. Locals express their love for why they have chosen to live in this 'piece of heaven' and we can cleary see why.

If you would like to find out more about Hermanus, visit: http://www.hermanustourism.info/contact.php

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