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It is the last week of school holidays and we are sure kids and parents have run out of ideas for things to do, so we thought we would let you know what you can get up to this week.

The V and A Waterfront has an array of activities for the children. Could your child be the next Picasso? Well, let them paint their own canvas in the centre while you get your weekly grocery shopping done. Or if you would like to join in the fun, let the family play a round of Putt-Putt in Cave Golf, which is never affected by the Cape Town weather.


Many of us are at work and feeling the winter cravings set in even more than before. Nuri Sushi Factory is offering great specials on delicious lunch boxes. With a variety of sushi from R39 and R5 for delivery, why would you not give in to your craving?


For those who always find the week hard to get through and would like to relax in the middle of the week, check out Mark Haze, live at Die Boer on Wednesday night. Tickets are a steal at R60, so call up your friends and make a night of it!!


With all this to do, it is hard to think you will even have the energy for more, but why not escape to the Soetes and Soup Festival in Breedekloof on the 18/19 July. For only R70 per person you get a wine glass, mug & coupon booklet. Fun for friends and families, it is the perfect way to end your holiday!


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