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Mandela Day is upon us this Friday, 18 July and many people are doing their part to give back in the communities.

For the past eight weeks the Naartjie Love Foundation asked its customers to bring in garments to the various Naartjie Kids stores. The response was overwhelming as they collected over 21 000 pieces of clothing that would then be distributed to communities that are in need.

In honour of Mandela Day the Naartjie Love Foundation visited the Goedgedacht Farm, home to the Goedgedacht Trust to hand over these garments to the people of the community. This contribution was welcomed with excitement as the trust look over 6000 children and youth over 18 rural communities throughout the Western Cape.

Not only did they bring gifts but their warm energy and enthusiasm as they all set out to paint safe house that had been set up in the Riebeek Kasteel area as part of their 67 minutes.

Thank you to everyone who donated garments and making this day a memorable one for the youth of these communities.

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