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We received word from Evan Austin from African Wings ( www.africanwings.co.za) of a very unusual occurrence:

"This morning I saw something for the first time in 19 years of flying over our Southern Right Whales. I am going to draw this out with a post per day and it is a whole story that unfolded below us.

It started off with a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins that were travelling along the coast just outside the breakers. As they passed by a mother and calf pair that were a little further out a group broke away from the pod and swam up to the Brindle (white) calf. 

The calf quickly joined in the game with the dolphins which were swimming around him by starting to chase the dolphins as you can see in this picture. It developed into the most entertaining whale story I have ever witnessed."

Here are the pictures of the playful event:

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