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At the end of 2014 KFM along with kind people and generous sponsors managed to fulfill many Christmas Wishes. Have a look at some of these touching stories as the recipients enjoy all they have received.

Treats for Liezel:

The grade 3 school teacher was suddenly diagnosed with myeloma. Liezel would have to start treatment soon leaving her weak and away from her children due to her immune system being down. A friend asked that she be treated like gold as this is exactly what she is. Thanks to Carribean Tan Liezel was swept away  on an adventure of a lifetime. Treated like royalty Liezel had a great trip leaving her spirits high for all she is about to face.

Freedom's Blessings:

Freedom's story touched many around the Western Cape. He lost his wife to a fire in their home while she tried to save their children. Freedom who was left to look after the children alone has been struggling, especially with extra medical bills for his child who was injured in the blaze. ABSA quickly hopped on board to help this genuine soul and make his and his childrens Christmas a spectacular one. 

New Horizons for Hazel:

Hazel is a lovely and humble who faces her own challenges in life. Her daughter has cerebal palsy and Hazel makes sure she has all her needs and lives comfortably. When Hazel is not working to make ends meat, she goes out into her community and works with those families in the area who also have disabled children or family members and gives them advise, support and love. Pick 'n Pay heard about Hazel and made sure she received some love too this Christmas. 

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