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It's the time when parents stress the most! THE HOLIDAYS! What do you do with the kids to keep them out of trouble?

We have some awesome suggestions just for you!

West Coast Fossil Park

Mondays to Fridays

If your children are 7 years and older, why not visit the West Coast Fossil Park. Sieve some sand, find fossils and identify them. The Palaeontologist activity takes place Monday to Fridays from 11:30 to 12:15 and 12:30 to 13:15 and costs R25 per person. You must book so be sure to book your adventurous day!

Contact:  Tel 0227661606, email  edu@fossilpark.org.zawww.fossilpark.org

Planet Kids in Muizenberg

Who does not love jumping castles or slides? Planet Kids play centre is situated in Muizenberg has jumping castles, an intergalactic ball wall, fun ramps with a space slide, an outside area with a foefie slide and dream swing, as well as various workshops and other activities. With additional holiday programmes and the Flying Saucer Café, it is a must for the kiddies this holiday! Kids aged 2 to 13 pay R35 for the first hour or R60 for two hours. Children under 2 years (10 to 23 months) pay R25 for an hour. Adults are free. Please check the  Planet Kids website for more details.

Contact:  Tel 0217883070, email  info@planetkids.co.zaplanetkids.co.za

Acrobranch in Constantia

Tired of the kids jumping on your furniture? Why not take them to Acrobranch and let them unleash all their energy by swinging on tree tops. The courses are family-friendly and safe for children as young as three years of age. The “Yellow Course” is for children ages three and up while the “Green Course” is for children seven years and older. The “Blue Course” includes the other two courses and is for older acrobranchers. If this seems like your kind of fun be sure to check it out. R100 to R180 depending on the course.

Contact:  Tel 0212011121,  acrobranch.co.za

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