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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and although it can be a really scary topic to talk about, it is better to have the information you need that could potentially save your life.

According to CANSA, Breast Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer that affects women, so it is critical that regular checks are performed because the earlier you are diagnosed, the better your chances of beating it.

This is how CANSA suggests you perform a self-examination:

If you find anything that concerns you even slightly, make contact with any of these CANSA care centres:

  • Cape Metro CANSA Care Centre: 021 689 5347
  • George CANSA Care Centre: 044 813 0300
  • Malmesbury CANSA Care Centre: 022 482 1111
  • Onrus CANSA Care Centre: 028 316 3678
  • Worcester CANSA Care Centre: 023 342 7058

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