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The annual KFM Big Chill takes places next weekend. It's become a highlight on the KFM calendar bringing listeners and their fave DJs together for a weekend of fun & fresh air. Its the 1st Big Chill for our new kid on the block, Carl Wastie. We asked him about his memories of camping as a child:

What stands out for me is joining the Cubs and later becoming a Scout. That's definitely my first camping memory. I was in the 3rd Division for Pinelands. We used to do something called orienteering - that's basically navigating your way through a forest with a compass. The most exciting part of camping was when our scout leader told us to cut down aliens. I couldn't believe it. Every sci-fi movie I'd ever watched was about to come true. Little did I know that I'd be chopping down Port Jacksons and not extra-terrestrials. There were no lazers. Just spades and sand. Being a cub, and later a scout, played a big part in my early development. It taught me to toughen up especially when completing Survival Training. My Scout initiation name was Titch (really!) and if you ever need a water filtration system you can count on me - I was able to make one from a 2Litre coke bottle.

Carl Wastie



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