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Famous ocean advocate Lewis Pugh is well known as a speedo diplomat, human polar bear and world-record-breaking endurance swimmer.

He's the first person to complete a long distance swim in every ocean of the world and swim across the North Pole.

But his biggest pride and achievement is brokering the international negotiations which have resulted in a marine wildlife sanctuary in Antarctica’s Ross Sea.

The Ross Sea is home to hundreds of species of sea life, including seals, whales, and penguins - all threatened by fishing.

After two years of campaigning to world leaders, it was finally declared the globe's largest marine protected area (both on land or sea) in October this year.

Pugh saw the importance of saving the pristine region and describes the beauty of the ecosystem.

It's the most remote place on this earth. It's an amazing place, like the polar garden of Eden.

Lewis Pugh, extreme swimmer and ecological activist

What made me go down there and risk everything was this special place.

Lewis Pugh, extreme swimmer and ecological activist

But swimming in the Ross Sea wasn't easy with the water temperature at minus 1.7 and the air temperature minus 37 degrees.

Ross says the announcement marks a monumental moment in history and serves as an example for others to take a stand for conservation.

CapeTalk hosted a live audience with presenter Pippa Hudson, and they had a many many questions for the swimmer. Watch below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : VIDEO: Swimmer Lewis Pugh dives into Antarctica's groundbreaking Ross Sea deal

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