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The Animal Fitness Centre provides rehabilitation for animals in the Mother City.

The Plumstead-based animal gym specialises in hydrotherapy, among other treatments.

Hydrotherapy is an impact free exercise, performed in custom pools. The therapy comprises of a swim and then a gentle massage.

Each pet is individually accessed and the sessions are tailor made for their condition.

Animal Fitness Centre founder Mandy McCue is a qualified veterinary nurse and has been lauded for her caring manner.

After working in emergency vet care, she was inspired to work towards other forms of therapy to help recovering pets.

We take a lot of post-surgical cases and work as a referral with your vet and work on a regime with the vet to work out what's best.

Mandy McCue, Animal Fitness Centre founder

The centre also treats the following cases:

  • hip and elbow displacement

  • back problems

  • arthritis and joint issues

  • weight management

The centre helps primarily dogs and cats, but has taken on other animals such as hamsters and rabbits.

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