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Christmas Wish 2016 begins with a love story, but this is no ordinary love story.

So many people across the Cape who have been touched by the story of Jason Saunders. Many of you might have seen #blueforjay – an effort to keep Jason’s memory alive. In March, Jason was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive and terminal form of brain cancer.

He was a healthy and active 32-year-old. He stayed positive, changed his lifestyle, and in time, the tumour shrunk. But tragically, the cancer had spread to his spine. There was one thing that Jason wanted more than anything in the world, and that was to marry his best friend Nina. So on 27 October, Jason married the love of his life… in a hospital room in a Durbanville hospital.

But Jason never got to leave the hospital, and his new bride had to go home alone. He passed away on 7 November – the day before Nina’s birthday; just 11 days after they said their vows.

Thanks to the Dis-Chem Pharmacies Foundation and Club Mykonos Langebaan, we were able to help make a small difference to Nina, during this incredibly difficult time.

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