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Samantha and Lynsey have been together since 2012, and were married in February this year.
Together, they stay in Grassy Park with their six-year-old daughter, Sarah, and Samantha’s mother, Elaine, who recently moved in with them after experiencing some financial and health issues.

Samantha was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia when she was 22. Her condition has been getting progressively worse for the past few years.

At this point, Samantha is bed-bound almost every day. Almost any movement is painful and uncomfortable for her.

Lynsey is always there for her; she tends to Samantha’s every need, even when she is unable to do the simplest tasks.

Lynsey has even used up her annual leave to take care of Samantha, and feels that she is not able to show Lynsey just how much she appreciates her.

Luckily, The One & Only at the V&A Waterfront have decided that they would like to help
They’re going to give Samantha the honeymoon she never had - including a two-night’s stay including breakfast, dinner at Reuben’s Restaurant and special treatment at the amazing One & Only Spa.

Listen to the moment when Rob spoke to this loving couple and told them about what they were about to experience!

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