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With the school year almost wrapped up, Rob Vember was asked to go back to his old school, Kasselsvlei Comprehensive High to talk to the learners about their futures - and how they can stay inspired through the tough times to achieve their goals:

Some of our favourite parts of speech include:

I’m here to speak to those of you who are scared. And whether you realise it now or not, you’re all scared about what lies ahead, and if you’re not, you should be.

Never fear failure. If you are not prepared to fail then you are not prepared to learn. If nothing else, failure is at very least an indication that you dared to learn, that you had the audacity to try.

The key is to rise above. To elevate yourself, be tenacious! Be relentless when you pursue life.

Plan. Focus. Be Accountable. Be an individual.

Don't dream it. Do it!

What pieces of advice would you give to the class of 2016?

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