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This wish is for a fantastic father and grandfather - who also happens to care deeply about people who aren't in his family too!

A few years ago, Pieter started growing his hair out, so he could donate it to cancer patients who needed wigs. He managed to convince more than 30 other men in his community to join him, and do the same.

Then, two years ago, around the same time that he cut off his hair to donate, Pieter discovered that he himself
had cancer.

He was diagnosed with lymphoma, which severely impaired his immune system. Through it all Pieter stayed
positive, and with the support of his large, loving family, he beat the cancer.

He was in remission, until a few months ago, when he received some bad news. Pieter’s cancer had spread to his lungs and spleen.

Pieter has always been fascinated by Spain and Spanish culture. He loves the food, the wine, and the music – Ronette says he is obsessed with anything and everything to do with Spain.

His lifelong dream is to travel to Spain and soak up the country, the culture, and the atmosphere. However, his current circumstances make fulfilling this dream almost impossible.

He might not be able to go to Spain, but we can bring Spain to him!

The Spanish Farm Guest House in Somerset West has offered him and his closest family a night in one of their luxurious two-bedroom villas so that he can relax and unwind and spend time together. The Espana Restaurant in Stellenbosch will be treating him and his family to a Spanish feast.

We’ve spoken to an incredibly talented flamenco guitarist Saudiq Khan to play on the night.

We’ve also spoken to SoloFlamenco Dance Company, who will be performing for him and his family with some flamenco flair.

Finally, La Parada will also give him a R4000 meal voucher at their Bree Street branch, so that he can enjoy a relaxed tapas evening with his friends and family while he recovers and regains his strength.

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