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This Sunday we welcome back legendary radio voice Lee Downs. Catch him Sundays 10am - 2pm for Old School Sundays. We caught up with him for a quick 60 second Q&A:

Are you looking forward to being back on the radio after a 4 year hiatus?

Absolutely! Oh my goodness I have missed it so much

What have you been doing since we last heard your voice?

I opened a Durban-style curry eatery. In Cape Town there's a strong Malay influence with curries and I saw a gap in the market for the curries I grew up on in Durban. It's kept me very busy the past years. It's called Nice & Spicy, located in Belvedere road.

How long have you been in radio?

24 years believe it or not. My break came at the age of 17 on Capital radio in Durban

What's your favourite Old School song?

How can I choose just 1! If pressed I would say anything by Earth Wind & Fire

Do you know what your first song will be on Sunday?

It's a surprise. Listen at 10am to find out!

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