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There area many children in the Cape that have to face each day without the basic necessities they need to grow and thrive - which is why NPOs like Little Lambs is so important.

Little Lambs is run by Andrea English and aims to assist children in Dunoon with the most basic necessities.
The organisation encourages people to give up some of their time, and give back to others.

Their main focus, however, is helping under-resourced day-care centres. Even though these centres care for children, they struggle with even the most basic goods – like stationery, crayons, clothes, or even toys.

Andrea has inspired her friends and other people in the community to volunteer and help out wherever they can. Little Lambs relies solely on donations to continue their good work.

Tragically on the 20th of May, a freak accident left their office damaged by a fire. Much of their stock and care
packs was destroyed. Andrea was devastated. Months of fund-raising and donations had vanished overnight.

The Spur Foundation, through their Full Tummy Fund would like to donate R50 000 worth of educational
toys, equipment, stationery - everything needed for Little Lambs to support day care centres.

And they’d like to spoil the children and staff at the 5 day-care centres that they current support to a
Spur party at each centre

There’s more… They would also like to send Andrea and her 15 volunteers to one of their restaurants for a meal
– just a token of their appreciation for the tireless and selfless work they do in the Du Noon community.

All of this to the value of R65 000!

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