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We love hearing stories of parents who are willing to sacrifice so much to support their family - which is why Roslyn's story caught our eye.

Roslyn is an 82 year old mother to 8, grandmother 8 and great-grandmother to 4. Being a single mother, she worked late into her life to provide for her large family.

This meant that she often couldn't do the one thing she really enjoys - exploring nature. In fact, she often used to take bus trips around the Cape just to explore it's natural beauty.

Unfortunately, this explorer has never had an opportunity to fly on a plane.

So we got some friends on board who want to fix that! Far Hills Country Hotel in George are going to give her and her daughter four nights’ accommodation with breakfast, dinner and drinks included.

Tempest Car Hire will organise car hire for your stay in George.

And finally, Mango Airlines will provide return flights from Cape Town to George so she can fly in a plane!

This is the moment when Ryan spoke to this amazing and strong mother and told her about the experience she was about to have.

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