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Level 3 water restrictions prohibit you using municipal water to water your garden.

Water from your bath, shower, washing machine and kitchen sink are great sources that may be channelled to water gardens during this drought-stricken time.

Justin Emrich operations manager at Stodels Gardening Centre talks to CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies about the practical ways of getting this water recycling up and running.

The general household uses about 300 litres of grey water a day that they can recycle into their gardens.

Justin Emrich, Operations Manager at Stodels Gardening Centre

Emrich says there are two easy devices available for domestic use.

One is a device you attach to your outlet pipe. There is one on the market called the Water Warrior... it is very simple and needs very little DIY requirements to attach it to your outlet pipe.

Justin Emrich, Operations Manager at Stodels Gardening Centre

The Water Warrior ranges from R29 to R129 so it is affordable and can easily be attached to an outside pipe. Emrich warns that with this device constant flow of water can cause back flow.

The second option is a device called Garden Rescue and comes in different sizes and wattages and can be purchased online.

The other one is a device which is a container that takes the water in, it filters it for you through a type of pool filter and then pumps it out onto your lawn.

Justin Emrich, Operations Manager at Stodels Gardening Centre

This option ranges between R6 000 - R7 000 but once installed it does save up to 33% of your water use.

You will make that saving up within a year of usage.

Justin Emrich, Operations Manager at Stodels Gardening Centre

While you are showering or letting bath water out, the container is filled up and pumps it onto the lawn at once as Emrich says grey water needs to be used within 24 hours. After that period the bacteria levels increase and it becomes unusable.

The recycled water should cover 200 square metres of lawn and garden, says Emrich.

Listen to the details of the water saving and recycling devices available on the market below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Tips on how to repurpose grey water for your garden

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