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At this time of the year, we are reminded of just how important family is.

This is especially true for someone like Karin Walters. She lost her sister to breast cancer and her brother-in-law to a heart attack in the space of two years.

They left behind their 3 young sons, who Karin took in despite having 3 children of her own.

We can't get close to imagining how devastating the last few years have been for Karin and her family - and how difficult it must be to raise 6 children suddenly.

We wanted to make sure the first Christmas she had with Keanu, Kian, and Kia is special, so we spoke to our friends at Klein Joostenburg, a beautiful farm out in Stellenbosch. They would like to provide Karin with a picnic lunch or breakfast for the whole family.

The Galileo Open Air Cinema would also like to give her and her family 8 tickets to a screening of her choice.

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