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Two-year olds should be running around causing a little trouble and having as much fun as possible.

That is not the reality for little Travonne - he has been in and out of hospital since the day he was born. He suffers from multiple illnesses and infections that affects his lungs.

His breathing is most severely affected which means that Travonne needs to be on an oxygen tank 24/7 and has to be constantly monitored by his parents.
He cannot live the life of a normal toddler, and develop like other children his age.

His mother, Simone, would like nothing more than to take some of his pain away and to make Travonne a little more comfortable.

Our friends from Johnson's Baby have come on board to help - they are going to buy Travonne the portable oxygen concentrator he needs, so he can get out and about more often.

Travonne will now be able to move around like a normal toddler!

Listen to the moment when Ryan O'Connor told Simone what we were going to do for her little boy.

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