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Women are grossly underrepresented within the technology industry, both locally and abroad.

It is claimed that the reason some women don't engage with computer science at the same rate as men is because of the dominant geek culture which surrounds it.

But tech company Code4CapeTown is trying to change this by grooming budding woman coders and programmers.

Code4CapeTown runs a programme for high school girls which introduces them to coding and computer science skills.

It allows them to start exploring how they can use technology to enter careers or make a social impact.

Emma Dicks, Founder and Director at Code4CapeTown

Code4CapeTown founder Emma Dicks says women are self-deselecting themselves from the industry because of the exclusionary gender perceptions.

It's not hard to see at all. If you walk into tech companies, or computer science classes; there is a significantly higher number of men in the industry.

Emma Dicks, Founder and Director at Code4CapeTown

Dicks says there is some truth to the exclusionary nature of gaming culture, but that myths must be debunked.

It's a myth that can easily be debunked. It's a personality that the industry has developed which we can overthrow.

Emma Dicks, Founder and Director at Code4CapeTown

Take a listen to Emma Dicks break it down:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Female coders gradually debunking myths around careers in coding



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