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While many people are making new year's resolutions, it is equally important to implement proactive ways to prevent burnout in 2017.

If last year did not go the way you'd planned, behavioural psychologist Dr. Helgo Schomer suggests you not repeat the same habits.

We can't prevent what happens around us, but we can change our attitude and our behaviours to become more proactive-protective.

Dr Helgo Schomer, behavioural psychologist

Dr. Schomer explains that burnout is the overwhelming feeling of suffering, exhaustion and loss of meaning.

Connect, and you burn out less.

Dr Helgo Schomer, behavioural psychologist

  • assess the things draining within your job, family and social and personal life
  • implement behaviours that make you resilient and help stand against stress and strain
  • ensure that you work at a sustainable pace
  • seek guidance from someone when feelings of anxiety arise, particularly a mentor

  • accumulate experiences that build and grow your abilities
  • live healthily all year round

Take a listen to his expert advice:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 2017 off to a great start? Here's how to keep the momentum



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