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Firefighters are on scene battling a Southern Peninsula blaze which started in Ocean View this morning.

The fire has burned across the Roodeberg mountain slopes through to Da Gama Park, explains Ward 69 Councillor Felicity Purchase.

She says the fire appears to be heading towards RedHill and Simonstown.

Purchase has urged locals to stay out of the affected areas as smoke continues to fill the air.

The fire is quite bad. There's a tremendous amount of smoke.

Felicity Purchase, Ward 69 Councillor

The councillor says the roads are congested as a result of the fire at this stage while evacuation continues.

Those able to donate liquid refreshments to emergency crews are welcome to drop off the goods at Simon's Town Civic Centre at Jubilee Square.

Take a listen to the update:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Far South blaze spreads towards Simon's Town



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