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The Lazy Makoti founder, Mogau Seshoene, says parents need to make sure their children's lunch boxes are well packaged and have all the necessary nutrients to keep them energised throughout the day.

She says how you package the food is as important as what's in the lunch box.

Things to consider when making lunches:

-lunchbox bag to keep food cool


-fresh fruits and veggies

-at least one protein

-snack, yogurt, sugar free jellies, nuts,


You want to make sure they are fed throughout the day. They only get one lunch.

Mogau Seshoene, The Lazy Makoti founder

I especially like for parents to pack some water as well. Because they carry it all the way to school, you are sure that they will drink it.

Mogau Seshoene, The Lazy Makoti founder

There are great juice bottles that have a faction of the sugar content that fizzy drinks have. The one thing that you do not want to do is to pack fizzy drinks.

Mogau Seshoene, The Lazy Makoti founder

Listen to the audio below for more ideas...

This article first appeared on 702 : How to make appetising and healthy lunch boxes for your child



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