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Grace Bible Church spokesperson, Pastor Ezekiel Mathole, says the church does not discriminate against gay people, but supports the biblical view of marriage.

Mathole says they believe in a relationship of men and women.

The church has been on the spotlight following Bishop Dag Heward-Mills's sermon which compared the lifestyle of same sex couples to that of animals.

Our view is that we don't discriminate anyone who is gay. Anybody who is gay is welcome to attend our church.

Pastor Ezekiel Mathole, Grace Bible Church spokesperson

Our view when it comes to marriage or relationship, we take a biblical view that it must be a male and female, but what people do has nothing to do with us. They don't need our endorsement.

Pastor Ezekiel Mathole, Grace Bible Church spokesperson

Radio and TV personality Somizi Mhlongo voiced his anger about homophobic comments at the church in Soweto on Sunday.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Grace Bible Church: We take a biblical view of marriage

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