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Morgan Deane is living proof that there are always lessons to be learned from a break-up.

Deane has started a blog after ending her highly-publicised marriage with former Proteas Test skipper Graeme Smith two years ago.

The blog, The Green Girl's Guide To Divorce, shares advice on the process of divorce and how to overcome and rediscover one's self.

She says 45% of South African marriages end in divorce, but many women do not have the adequate support, resources or information.

The Irish pop star says she dealt with every difficult aspect of divorce imaginable and wants to share advice from the tough process.

I thought it would be such a waste of time to come out the other end without sharing what I learnt.

Morgan Deane, blogger and singer

She advises that couples need to be certain before entering into divorce - beyond just legal preparations.


Deane unpacks the five stages of divorce (shock, denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance) and other important things to note.

Take a listen to her share her important advice:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Morgan Deane blogs about divorce tips after split with Graeme Smith

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