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It's difficult to leave a WhatsApp group without being overwhelmed by guilt or hurting other people's feelings.

Writer and columnist Ndumiso Ngcobo says people take social media seriously and have different social pressures and expectations when it comes to WhatsApp.

Ngcobo says he uses the setting which allows him to mute notifications from group chats which tend to blow up his phone.

He talks about the different characters you encounter in WhatsApp group, including the organisers, the lurkers and the meme-sharers.

You cant be the skulker that never says anything. Now and then you say something funny or drop an emoji. There's pressure.

Ndumiso Ngcobo, Sunday Times Columnist and Author

He also talks about different types of groups and the importance of WhatsApp etiquette.

Watch this very relevant video below:

Take a listen to Ndumiso Ngcobo and listeners share their experiences:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why leaving a WhatsApp group isn't that easy

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