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It's never easy moving on after reading a good book.

Presenter Eusebius McKaiser says he experiences a dilemma every time he finishes the last page.

After reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith, he struggled to decide which book to sink his teeth into next.

Eusebius says there is no system to choosing his next read and asked listeners about how they overcome their anxiety to make a decision.

Here are some tips from listeners:

  • recommendations from friends
  • randomly walking into bookshops
  • reading according to your mood
  • joining online groups for reviews (such as Read Any Good Books Lately? - Book Club on Facebook)
  • downloading the Goodreads mobile app that proposes reading lists according to your interest
  • alternating between genres to keep things spicy
  • sticking to favourite authors and getting a sense from the book blurbs
  • listening to podcasts and radio shows such as the Literature Corner with Eusebius McKaiser (Thursdays at 11:35)

Take a listen to the conversation on the Literature Corner:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 8 ways book lovers decided on their next read

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