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Therese Beharrie grew up in Kuils River and went to Settler's High School.

Her very first novel, The Tycoon’s Reluctant Cinderella, published by Mills & Boon, hit the shelves this month. A tale of love and romance which is set in Cape Town, this book has launched her career as an author for one of the world's most famous publishing houses.

Chatting to Kieno Kammies on CapeTalk this morning, Beharrie says as a child, she loved reading and her mother stimulated this by regularly taking her to their local library.

I'd read all those books ... Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Sweet Valley High. Within a week and I'd beg my mum to take me back. It was a way for me to have friends and never feel lonely.

Therese Beharrie, Mills & Boon author

She started writing short stories in 2014, after she graduated from Stellenbosch University. When she came across guidelines for how to write for Mills & Boon, she began crafting her work and gave it a try.

It took a while to get it right. When I found out about the competitions, which were open to South Africans, I got the attention of a Mills & Boon editor and last year I got the contract.

Therese Beharrie, Mills & Boon author

Take a listen to this bright young author Therese Beharrie chatting to Kieno Kammies this morning:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Mills & Boon finds fresh talent in Cape Town

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