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Filmmakers, Kelly-Eve Koopman and Sarah Summers, have released a six-part web documentary unpacking the meaning of coloured racial identity in South Africa.

In the 'Coloured Mentality', Koopman and Summers collaborate with local actors, musicians, writers and radio personalities.

Summers says some people have insisted that they are black not coloured.

Both Summers and Koopman say their work was important because of history and meanings attached to coloured identity.

This whole history of where the term comes from, but not only the term, but where the people, blood and ancestory come from is something that's really personal to unpack.

Sarah Summers, filmmaker

There are so many people who identify as this regardless of what the history is.

Sarah Summers, filmmaker

For me I think coloured is a community and I associate with the community, and that's where I stand at the moment.

Sarah Summers, filmmaker

I grew up with parents and my mother in particular very involved in the struggle. I grew up with black consciousness, but there is a part of me culturally that's undeniable coloured. For me it's a very strong cultural and personal identity but I can identify as politically black.

Kelly-Eve Koopman, filmmaker

Listen to Kelly-Eve Koopman and Sarah Summers' full interview with Karima Brown below...

This article first appeared on 702 : Kelly-Eve Koopman and Sarah Summers on their new 'Coloured Mentality' series

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