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We often hear of the difficulties that come with recording a debut album. Some albums are a success, others are dubbed complete flops and some don't even make it to the stores. Money can be a big problem! Enter rapper, Prince Harvey.

Harvey's debut cut titled, PHATASS ( Prince Harvey At The Apple Store Soho ) is quite different from your traditional recorded album in the sense that it was recorded at an Apple Store in Soho, in the United States. After his laptop and hard drive crashed, he lost all of his beats and recorded work so he had to make a plan to get his name out there. He'd pretend to be taking photos or just be 'window shopping' to detract attention from what he was ACTUALLY doing; which is recording an album. He's quoted in the Daily Beast as saying: "New York is expensive. I couldn't just buy another laptop. I just thought, 'I'm going to die before anyone knows I'm hot." And hot he is!

Check out his debut single, Sometimes, here:

This article first appeared on 947 : #NewMusicMonday: Rapper records album secretly in Apple Store!

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