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Have you noticed a cockroach infestation around your house lately? Well, that could be due to the recent water shortages in Cape Town.

Prof Michael Samways, from insect conservation at Stellenbosch University says insects are now moving to places that are a bit cooler and where they could find a little water.

The dam levels have dropped below 30 percent and only 20 percent of that amount can actually be used since the last 10 percent is hard to extract.

Cockroaches can get water from little crumbs on the floor and particles of fruits because the water sources are a bit dry at the moment.

Prof Michael Samways, Stellenbosch University

The banana peel is a lovely pool of water and they can take up moisture from it.

Prof Michael Samways, Stellenbosch University

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Thirsty cockroaches in search of water during WC drought

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