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Maxine Jones, Food Sciences Student at Stellenbosch University says her research focuses on the main aspect of creating biltong which is the drying, looking at the temperature and humidity needed.

She says she also uses simple seasoning.

Jones also says the shelf life of biltong is important.

We say it lasts six months or sometimes a year but there is no research to actually say that is correct.

Maxine Jones, Food Sciences Student, Stellenbosch University

She adds that the white residue we find on biltong is not mold but salt being drawn from the meat that appears on the surface.

I like my biltong moist, not dry - with a piece of fat. I think it gives it a bit of extra flavour.

Maxine Jones, Student, Food Sciences Stellenbosch University

Jones says she also adds rooibos tea extract to her biltong to enhance it's flavour and shelf life.

For more on this fascinating study of biltong listen to the audio below:

This article first appeared on 702 : A PHD in South Africa's much loved treat: Biltong



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