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To celebrate her forty years in the fashion industry Marianne Fassler, Fashion Designer unveiled her new collection and archival space at her Leopard Frock studios in Johannesburg.

Fassler has described herself in the past as an obsessive patriot.

She decided to take people through her creative process during the launch of her collection.

Those who attended the launch witnessed and experienced what the garments look and feel like.

On being in the business for so long, Fassler says still being in business is quite extraordinary, considering how fickle the fashion industry is.

These days people want to be famous before they really know the craft.

Marianne Fassler, Fashion Designer

Fassler says social media has enabled her to communicate lifestyle ethic so that her product is much more tangible.

She says her success is keeping her employees employed and being able to provide mentorship towards aspiring designers.

The South African fashion queen says she was largely inspired and encouraged by her artist mother to make her own clothes and soon after grew her love for fashion.

Listen to the full interview in the clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Marianne Fassler celebrates four decades in the fashion industry



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