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South African Chris Bertish is the first person to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddle (SUP) board.

The SUP world record holder reflected on his solo, unassisted transatlantic sup crossing.

Bertish undertook the crossing project in aid of children's charities, The Lunchbox Fund‚ Operation Smile and Signature of Hope, and has raised over R5 million so far.

The Cape Town adventurer joined CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson and a live studio audience to share the lessons he learnt from his experience, after 93 days, paddling over 7 500 kilometres and 2 million strokes.

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He opened up about the psychological and physical challenges he faced and what the achievement and charities mean to him.

I'd focus on one stroke at a time; that was one smile and one lunchbox.

Chris Bertish

I didn't have time to get lonely because I was dealing with so many life-threatening obstacles.

Chris Bertish

It was the same four meals every day. None of which I would've chosen.

Chris Bertish

There's a hero in every one of us, it's just about believing in yourself.

Chris Bertish

Every year I do an adventure to remind myself of all the little things we take for granted and incorporate an attitude of gratitude.

Chris Bertish

You've got to stop and reflect about all that you have in your life.

Chris Bertish

I learnt a lot on working on how you can trick your mind and re-programme your mental state.

Chris Bertish

He returned to home to a hero's welcome in Cape Town on Monday night and has thanked everyone for the overwhelming support.

WATCH: SUP world record holder Chris Bertish tells all

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'I'd focus on one stroke at a time', recounts SUP record holder Chris Bertish

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