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Now that South Africa has suffered its first ratings downgrade in 17 years; how should you invest to keep your retirement safe?

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Galileo Capital Personal Financial Advisor Warren Ingram for his weekly personal finance feature.

Ingram gave a number of useful tips:

  • Living annuities can invest up to 100% overseas if you wish – balance between income vs. risk management.

  • Retirement Annuities, provident funds and pension funds may only have 25% of investments offshore.

  • Tax breaks remain useful.

  • Growth inside retirement funds are tax free.

  • There are great estate planning benefits to retirement funds (e.g. no estate duty, no executor’s fees, etc.)

For more detail; listen to the interview in the audio below.

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Article brought to us by Old Mutual.

This article first appeared on 702 : How to invest your retirement funds (in post-downgrade South Africa)



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