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Answering nature's call can be costly - in this case, R40 steep, to be exact.

A Durban restaurant has defended its decision to charge a R20 fee for customers to use their toilet facilities.

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Junaid Moola, owner of Jolly Grubber, told TimesLive that only diners were allowed to use their facilities and that their eatery did not offer a public toilet.

On Tuesday, Durban local Reeza Khan took to Facebook to vent after he and his wife were charged R40 for using the rest rooms at Jolly Grubber.

"This is the most expensive p**s I have ever taken", he wrote on the viral post seen below.

As it turns out, the Jolly Grubber has a notice posted at the entrance of their restaurant stating that the toilets are for its customers only.

Rob Vember and the KFM Drive team asked you what your thoughts about it are:

Speaking to TimesLive, Moola insinuated that the R20 fee was a bargain rate when taking into account all their operational costs.

He explained that the R20 fee would cover the costs of cleaners‚ water and electricity.

Meanwhile, legal expert Julian Scher says the decision to charge for toilet facilities lies with the owner of the property.

If the toilets are situated within a private property, the owner of the property can do as he wishes. They can even lease the toilets to a third party tenant.

Julian Scher, Director of Strauss Scher Attorneys

Take a listen to his legal analysis from a 2015 interview:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : You pee, you pay - Durban eatery defends R20 toilet fee

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