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Tiger bay - The Musical, takes to the Artscape stage from 20 May for the first time in the world.

The musical was brought to life by Daf James. He writes, composes and performs and chats to Africa Melane about the show.

He has worked across theatre, radio, and television and has performed across the UK and internationally with a string of impressive credits under his belt.

The brand new musical is set in Cardiff at the turn of the last century when it was arguably the busiest dock in the world. It was a very cosmopolitan city at the time with people from all over the world coming there and helping build the city has become today.

Daf describes the characters from Themba from South Africa who works as a 'donkey man' - who pushed the carts of coal on the tracks, to the group of children who greased the tracks with pig's blood called 'the water boys', the Marquis of Bute, believed to be the world’s wealthiest man at the time, and more

He says the story combines all these narratives together.

It's a story full of mystery, full of romance, but more than that, it's a story of community, it's a story of immigration, it's a story of this really diverse mix of people.

Daf James, composer Tiger Bay

While it is set in that era in Cardiff, the story has international resonance and has a universal theme, says Daff.

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Tiger Bay The Musical has a universal message of immigration and community



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