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The EssBee Foundation and social activist Brett Steensma noted the recent events in South
Africa. As such a collaboration between The EssBee Foundation and Brett was initiated in facilitating the mobilization of the people of Cape Town in marching to demonstrate that society has had enough of the children and women abuse.

The activism campaign #STOPABUSE is an a-political movement of like-minded people, by the people and for the people in bringing awareness and social action in protecting the children and women of South Africa.

The campaign culminates in a peaceful demonstration and march in Cape Town, and is calling on all South Africans’ and citizens to mobilize, marching in solidarity under the recent events which has seen an ever increasing abuse to the women and children in South Africa.

The EssBee foundation believes that men need to play active roles in the support of healthy family relationships, and the greater responsibility of being the protector not just too their families, but also those that are vulnerable in our society!

We are going to have workshops amongst different homes in South Africa,where we teach young boys how to be great men.

Shenai Bridglall ,Founder of the EssBee Foundation

**Listen to the full interview with KFM's SechabaG:**

**#StopAbuse peaceful march details:**

Saturday 27th May. Please gather at the meeting point stipulated below from 10am. The March will begin at 10:30am and will end at Parliament.

Meeting Point: Keizersgracht St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925
(Opposite CPUT)

Donation Line: SMS Stop Abuse to 42220.
Help Line: 0614342611

This article first appeared on LeadSA : #StopAbuse Activism Campaign

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