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Our business is called DNG Interiors. We design and install customised cabinetry, kitchens, wardrobes, desks, bars, anything cupboards. We started in 2003 in our garage ... doing anything that we could find to do! We fixed boats, we painted houses, we even built some houses, but we eventually found our niche in cupboards.

We started out as just my husband (D), me (N) and our dog (G) and we did everything together! Overtime we outgrew our garage and are now in a fairly big factory in CapricornPark with a team of 10 people.

We still love what we do, but can't do everything together anymore! So I handle the sales, design and quoting with my team and my husband and his team deal with the manufacturing and installations in the factory. Unfortunately our original G - Gyro, is no longer with us, but his memory lives on in our logo! Everyone always asks what a big black dog has to do with cupboards ... the answer is nothing, but it is a wonderful talking point and reminds us of our humble beginnings!

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