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Caller, Errol in Blue Downs raised concerns over the burden put on teachers by the education department with the introduction of Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).

He says teachers don't have time to focus on their own lives let alone the children in the classroom because they are constantly expected to work on this assessment policy.

A teacher said that CAPS is killing the passion... they are continually bogged down and can't even have a balanced life because of school work weekend in and weekend out.

Errol, caller

Nothing is being done to assist these teachers CAPS is not a good thing

Errol, caller

Not all learners can cope with all these assessments and tests ... something needs to be done about this.

Errol, caller

According to National Department of Education, a Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement is a single, comprehesive and concise policy document, which has replaced the Subject and Learning Area Statements, Learning Programme Guidelines and Subject Assessment Guidelines for all the subjects listed in the National Curriculum Statement Grades R - 12.

To know more about CAPS visit Maskew Miller Longman Website.

To hear the rest of the conversation, listen below:

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