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According to traffic chief at the Western Cape Provincial Traffic, Kenny Africa, an InterCape bus driver who was spotted driving recklessly on the N2 was stopped within 30 minutes of the incident being reported.

A CapeTalk listener called in to alert presenter Kieno Kammies of the bus that was putting people's lives in danger on the N2 who in turn alerted traffic officials.

Africa says the driver will be facing a disciplinary process in Pretoria on Monday for endangering the lives of passengers and other motorists.

18 drunk drivers were arrested on the Western Cape's roads over the long weekend period, says Africa. Five people lost their lives, three pedestrians, one cyclist and one motorist.

For the long weekend I think we did exceptionally well, our officers were out on the roads and I was also on the road with them.

Kenny Africa, Western Cape provincial traffic chief

To hear more from Western Cape Provincial Traffic Kenny Africa, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Five people die on Western Cape's roads and 18 arrests for drunk driving



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