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An Australian documentary maker, Benjamin Hunter, is searching for the descendants of Aboriginal trackers who were left behind in South Africa after the Boer War which ended a hundred and fifteen years ago.

Hunter speaks to Cape Talk's John Maytham about his detective work that will establish the link between the
indigenous people of Australia and South Africa’s own indigenous people.

What I really want to discover is that did they return back to Australia at the end of cessation of hostilities...

Benjamin Hunter, Australian documentary maker

Hunter says there is evidence of civilian contractors who got involved in the Boer war for their bush skills. He says Australian indigenous people were not citizens in 1902 and were not listed as passengers with those who travelled to the Boer war.

They were only counted as citizens after 1960.

The second lot of evidence come from the Aboriginal oral history ... they talk about four trackers who went to the Boer War.

Benjamin Hunter, Australian documentary maker

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Doccie maker in search of Aussie Aborigines trackers left in SA after Boer War



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