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Police have confirmed that Shaheed Omar, the nephew of the late Minister Dullah Omar has been shot dead.

According to reports, Omar was killed in an attempted hijacking in Ottery on Thursday night.

EWN reporter Lauren Issacs says police are not saying much at this stage except that the matter is under investigation.

A manhunt is underway but it is unclear how many assailants were involved, possible leads will be followed upon.

Lauren Issacs, EWN reporter

At this point it is understood that Shaheed Omar was struck by a stray bullet in his chest

Lauren Issacs, EWN reporter

Isaacs says the area where Omar was ambushed is notorious for hijackings and smash and grabs.

She says Omar will be laid to rest Friday afternoon.

Mandla Mandela was amongst those who expressed shock and sadness at the news of Omar's death.

To hear more of this report, please listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Shaheed Omar struck by a stray bullet - reports



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