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Wayde van Niekerk has hit out at Botswana's Isaac Makwala and has accused him of a lack of respect.

Makwala made assertions that the athletics’ world governing body the IAAF had unfairly quarantined him with the norovirus to make it easier for Van Niekerk to take 400m gold.

Van Niekerk bagged a silver medal in the 200 metres in London on Thursday.

Speaking to media, an emotional van Niekerk said: “It really did upset me a bit. I’ve always shown him massive respect and for him to come out and mention my name among something fishy with the IAAF and pointing me out as some kind of favourite, knowing how hard I’ve been working in the last few years."

Eyewitness News sports reporter Jean Smyth shared details on the story and the race.

Makwhala of course has been a big story at this game after being quarantined for the norovirus, and some of the comments he made was that the IAAF had protected van Niekerk by excluding Makwala from that race so that their golden boy in his eyes could go on and win that.

Jean Smyth, EWN Sport reporter

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This article first appeared on 702 : Van Niekerk upset by Makwala claims of favouritism



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