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Consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler says although it is becoming a cliche, consumers will have to tighten their belts even more.

She says salaries have not increased to meet the rising costs of food, fuel, and municipal bills, leaving those who are feeling poor even poorer.

Now people have to cut back and cut back on expenditure...

Wendy Knowler, Consumer Journalist

She says sometimes people go to the extent of cancelling things that they shouldn't, like car insurance and medical aid, just to avoid defaulting on home loans or car payments.

People certainly can't afford to have luxuries anymore, says Knowler.

What we need to do now is to sit down and separate our wants from our needs...

Wendy Knowler, Consumer Journalist

For example you are not going to die if you don't have DSTV.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer Journalist

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This article first appeared on 702 : Cost of living sky rockets while salaries shrink (and what you can do about it)



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