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Stellenbosch University has developed an intelligent geyser monitoring device that will allow users to monitor and control their hot water geyser over the internet.

Geasy is attached to a geyser and promises to save energy and monitors water flow.

Dr Thinus Booysen, senior lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University says that the project was a collaborative effort between the university and water research commission.

It also allows you to detect bursts and shuts off the supply of water and electricity once the burst is detected. It allows you to schedule control so you can optimize energy usage.

If you have forgotten to switch off the geyser before leaving the house, the geyser can be switched off through an app on the phone or program on a computer, expains Dr Booysen.

Geasy comes with a sim card and a modem which automatically reports to their server where the data is processed and give feedback to the user.

An internet connection is needed to access the data.

Booysen says they have 60 units that are up and running in Stellenbosch and Mpumalanga and will have 300 out by end November.

For more info on this innovation, visit their website.

Watch how Geasy works below:

Listen to the full conversation below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : The Geasy: Stellies innovation changing our water consumption

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