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There are a lot of campaigns and initiatives that point out what is wrong in our oceans, but not a lot that point out what is right.

Hope Spots are one of those things that are right - they are internationally designated marine conservation areas intended to help maintain ocean biodiversity and to preserve critical habitats for ocean creatures.

Keith Wetmore of the Sustainable Seas Trust, says that Hope Spots were founded several years back by Dr Sylvia Earle through the organisation Mission Blue.

Hope Spots are a wonderful thing, in that they are a positive suggestion. So much of what we hear about ocean pollution, and you see it on the web, heard it on the radio and on Sky News in particular is negative.

Keith Wetmore,Sustainable Seas Trust

This positive way of maintaining ocean biodiversity is why Wetmore got involved in creating awareness around hope spots. He says there are parts of the oceans that work well, and can grow.

In South Africa, there are currently six hope spots in Knysna, Plett, Aliwal, Shoal, Algoa Bay, the Cape Whale Coast, and False Bay

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