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CNN meteorologist Derrick van Dam speaks to CapeTalk's Kieon Kammies about Hurricane Irma which hit the US on Saturday evening.

It has been described as the worst storm to ever hit the US in history.

Irma, which is a category five hurricane has killed at least 24 people as it swept across the Caribbean in the past week.

I am looking at a 40 metre tree that has fallen on a $2 million house, ripping it... this is one of many destruction across the city of Miami.

Derrick van Dam, CNN meteorologist

Des Parker, a South African living in Florida says he did not leave his house when authorities ordered everyone to evacuate the area.

About 6.3 million people, more than 25% of the US state's population have been ordered to evacuate when it was established that a hurricane was approaching.

The area has been hammered very hard by the storm right now. There is a lot of wind, branches and debris flying around.

Des Parker, South African living in Florida

Parker says he has lived through three hurricanes in his life and although they are very destructive, Hurricane Irma has been the strongest by far.

In 1999, while in the Bahamas, Parker experienced Hurricane Floyd and in 2001 he went through hurricane Michelle, which was also big and powerful.

Irma is the most powerful storm I have ever seen...

Des Parker, South African living in Florida

To hear more of this interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Hurricane Irma: The most powerful storm to ever hit the US



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